Ahn, Choong Yong: South Korea and Foreign Direct Investment (eBook)

This book examines Korea's foreign direct investment policy dynamics and points out the importance of mutual synergy between multinational corporations and their host countries in a win-win framework and the increasing importance of this in a post-pandemic world.

A multitude of case studies shows many of the business difficulties foreign investors in Korea face, and how the Foreign Investment Ombudsman has intervened to resolve each one. The book addresses Korea's challenges and efforts to become a truly preferred FDI destination through active FDI inducement and effective aftercare services. Investigating the ambivalent attitude toward foreign direct investors and foreign migrants in an increasingly globalizing world, the author also analyses the issue of xenophobia. The book demonstrates empirically that appropriate and timely aftercare services can serve as not only a robust facilitator for cross-border investment but also a preventer of undesirable friction between foreign investors and host economies, before disputes become serious legal matters. Finally, it draws policy implications towards a liberal investment order post COVID-19.

The book will be of interest to policymakers, investors, and researchers on Korean and East Asian economic studies, FDI promotion, and deregulation for better business environment.

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