Anshari, Buan (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the First Mandalika International Multi-Conference on Science and Engineering 2022, MIMSE 2022 (Civil and Architecture)

This is an open access book. The covid-19 pandemic today forces humans to do almost all activities from home. Consequently, inventions in many fields of engineering technology are needed to facilitate those activities. First, human activities mainly are based on information technology today and internet connection is very important. People generate, send, and receive data by their smartphones every time and everything is connected to the internet. Equipment becomes smarter to assist the owner. Second, People need powerful, efficient, and smart vehicles and machines in Industry 4.0. Third, the need for energy increases, which causes the decrease of global environmental quality. It needs new technology for saving energy by discovering new technologies in mechanical engineering. Fourth, many technologies emerge as disaster prevention by developing innovations in civil engineering and architecture.

The Engineering Faculty of University of Mataram invites engineers and researchers around the world to visit Lombok island and to attend the valuable multi fields conference on science and engineering named "The First Mandalika International Multi-conference on Science and Engineering 2022¿ or "1st MIMSE 2022". This fruitful event will be the annual conference in Lombok island which is supported by the West Nusa Tenggara Province government.  Initially, the 1st MIMSE 2022 consisted of 5 engineering fields are Civil, Architecture, Electrical, Mechanical, and Informatics Engineering.

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