Broome, John: Rationality Through Reasoning

Rationality Through Reasoning answers the question of how people are motivated to do what they believe they ought to do, built on a comprehensive account of normativity, rationality and reasoning that differs significantly from much existing philosophical thinking. * Develops an original account of normativity, rationality and reasoning significantly different from the majority of existing philosophical thought * Includes an account of theoretical and practical reasoning that explains how reasoning is something we ourselves do, rather than something that happens in us * Gives an account of what reasons are and argues that the connection between rationality and reasons is much less close than many philosophers have thought * Contains rigorous new accounts of oughts including owned oughts, agent-relative reasons, the logic of requirements, instrumental rationality, the role of normativity in reasoning, following a rule, the correctness of reasoning, the connections between intentions and beliefs, and much else. * Offers a new answer to the 'motivation question' of how a normative belief motivates an action.
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Autor Broome, John
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