Byon, Andrew Sangpil (Hrsg.) : The Routledge Handbook of Korean as a Second Language

The Routledge Handbook of Korean as a Second Language aims to define the field, and to present latest research in Korean as a Second Language (KSL). It comprises a detailed overview of the field of KSL teaching and learning, discusses its development, and captures critical cutting-edge research within its major subfields. As the first handbook of KSL published in English, this book is of particular interest to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, language teachers, curriculum developers, and researchers in the fields of KSL and applied linguistics. While each chapter will be authored by internationally renowned scholars in its major subfields, the handbook also aims to maintain accessibility, so that it can also be of value to non-specialists.
Artikelnummer: 978-0-367-47289-4
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Autor Byon, Andrew Sangpil (Hrsg.) / Pyun, Danielle Ooyoung (Hrsg.)
Verlag Taylor and Francis
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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