Connon, Daisy: Subjects Not-At-Home: Forms of the Uncanny in the Contemporary French Novel: Emmanuel Carrere, Marie Ndiaye, Eugene Savitzkaya

ISubjects Not-at-home /Iis the first book-length study of the concept of the uncanny (IDas Unheimliche/I) in the context of French literature. It explores the ways in which certain contemporary French novelists are exploiting the themes, imagery and dynamics of the uncanny to generate a repertoire of narrative tactics for the portrayal of the Ichez soi/I. Through an analysis of nine novels by Marie NDiaye, Eugène Savitzkaya and Emmanuel Carrère, the author reveals a developing tendency within current writing to re-appropriate figures of the strange - the double, intellectual uncertainty, the fragmented body, the spectral, the haunted house - in order to represent the 'familiar' spaces of the home, the family, the self and the everyday. This problematic is situated with respect to tendencies in present-day French writing, with the uncanny being viewed as a particular approach to the contemporary novel's inclination to privilege the site of the Ichez soi/I. Readings of the literary texts are informed by philosophical, psychoanalytic and literary reinterpretations of the Freudian uncanny, with an emphasis on the historical and contextual evolution of the concept itself.

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