Dahlgren, Anna (Hrsg.) : Digital Culture & Society (DCS)

Vol. 6, Issue 2/2020 - The Politics of Metadata
The design and use of metadata is always culturally, socially, and ideologically inflected. The actors, whether these are institutions (museums, archives, libraries, corporate image suppliers) or individuals (image producers, social media agents, researchers), as well as their agendas and interests, affect the character of metadata. There is a politics of metadata. This issue of Digital Culture & Society addresses the ideological and political aspects of metadata practices within image collections from an interdisciplinary perspective. The overall aim is to consider the implications, tensions, and challenges involved in the creation of metadata in terms of content, structure, searchability, and diversity.
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Autor Dahlgren, Anna (Hrsg.) / Hansson, Karin (Hrsg.) / Reichert, Ramón (Hrsg.) / Wasielewski, Amanda (Hrsg.)
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