Darling Days

A New York City Childhood

` iO's mother, Rhonna was a showgirl, actress, dancer, a widow by police murder and an addict who slept with a gun under her pillow. This is an immensely evocative portrait of growing up in a tenement building in 80s and 90s New York, surrounded by drugs, violence, homelessness, punk music and art ' Anita Sethi, Observer
At the centre of Darling Days is the remarkable relationship between a fiery kid and a domineering mother-- defined by heartbreaking deprivation, agonizing rupture, and, ultimately, forgiveness. It's also a provocative and candid story about identity, forged in the East Village.

`It's already a rare and wonderful thing to have a great story-but a unique and compelling voice to tell it with is even rare'. --Anthony Bourdain

` iO Tillett Wright is nothing short of a force of nature-an artist, an activist, and a survivor. iO has packed a lot into few years and in this extraordinary memoir has created something brave and true, as devastating as it is inspiring. --Jill Soloway, Emmy-award winning creator of Transparent"

Gender-defying iO Tillett Wright mixes such a high-octane cocktail of radiant ink, wild anecdotes, bad behavior, and gritty truths-topped off with an unexpected tonic of transcendence- --Tom Robbins"

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Autor Wright, iO Tillett
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