Vulliamy, Ed: Amexica (eBook)

War Along the Borderline

'The most vivid book so far published in English on the bloody calamity that has been visited on Mexico's northern border lands...this is a fascinating introduction to the bloody last act of the "war on drugs"'Observer

In the last three years more than 23,000 people have been murdered in Amexica - the area of land that forms the border between the US and Mexico. This is both the busiest and most deadly frontier in the world, studded with guard-posts, infra-red searchlights and heavily armed patrols.Across it unfolds a war that is scarcely reported - a war that's being fought, with thousands dying and millions of lives blighted, so that Europe and America can get high.

In Amexica, acclaimed journalist Ed Vulliamy explores his own love-hate relationship with the place and its people, while investigating the causes and consequences of the war and its impact on the everyday life which somehow carries on around it.

'Vivid social extraordinarily powerful work' Spectator

'This absorbing odyssey along the Mexican-American border gives pause for thought to anyone who ignores the side-effects of cocaine...Vulliamy's reporting is faultlessly brave...the scenery and characters he meets are brought alive with vividness and intensity' Daily Telegraph

'Like all good travel writing, Amexica is vivid, colorful and exotic, filled with striking vignettes and larger-than-life characters' New York Times

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