eBook Drostan, A Scottish Historical Romance, The Mackintoshes of Willowbrae Castle (The Highland Moon Series, Book 6)

A madman is going about Scotland murdering young women of high status. Who will be his next victim?

Drostan Mackintosh, the heir apparent to Willowbrae Castle and the next Mackintosh chief, rescues Lady Isobel Fraser from highwaymen bent on stealing her mare. Once he learns she's female and not a lad as she portrayed herself to be, he gives her a good scolding for going out riding alone.

Isobel is quite taken with the handsome Highlander, and when their paths cross a second time, she realizes he's the only man she would ever wed. But just how does one go about catching a husband?

Even though Drostan is not looking to wed anytime soon, he finds himself attracted to the lovely Lady Isobel, but she is unconventional, independent, and as wild as a wee wildcat. And Drostan pities the poor fool who tries to tame her. Then why can't he get her off his mind?

By the time Drostan realizes Isobel's father is about to betroth her to Marcus Anderson, the next Earl of Kinkirk, and a man Drostan despises, he has fallen hard for the dark-haired lass and vows to stop the betrothal. And when he learns there's a killer beneath Willowbrae's very roof, he places his own life in peril to protect that of Isobel's.

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Reihe The Highland Moon Series, Book 6
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