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Encyclopaedia of Experimental Print Finishing

Graphic designers who wish to work with print finishes like blind embossing andphosphorescent ink constantly face the same problem: there are no compelling examples of the available techniques. They must either turn to existing books, which only present them in photographs and make it impossible to experience their tactile qualities, or to samples in advertising brochures put out by individual printing presses, which are so focused on the technology that their visual and haptic appeal is lost.
This is where extra comes in: it uses sensuously experienced examples to present the most important finishing techniques practically and theoretically, in variants and experimental combinations. Thirty internationally renowned designers created pages especially for this book as a basis for explaining the special design and technical features of each technique, with an in-depth exploration of its possible uses.
Additional articles deal with general issues such as planning and costing a finish or its mode of operation. With its large amount of information, its easy-to-navigate structure, and a glossary, this book is an indispensable reference work on print finishing. At the same time, its experimental character and high-quality design make it a source of inspiration for everyone with an interest in the subject.

Designers of the "show pages" in alphabetical order:

  • 123buero
  • Antoine+Manuel
  • Catalogtree
  • Drushba Pankow
  • Fanette Mellier
  • Fons Hickmann m23
  • Hans Gremmen
  • Hort
  • Sarah Illenberger
  • Jung+Wenig
  • Karlssonwilker inc.
  • Hoon Kim
  • Hort
  • Yang Liu
  • Mario Lombardo
  • LUST
  • Thomas Mayfried
  • mischen
  • Maureen Mooren
  • NODE Berlin Oslo
  • OK-RM
  • onlab
  • Pixelgarten
  • Project Projects
  • Rimini Berlin
  • Viola Schmieskors
  • Ariane Spanier
  • Annik Troxler
  • Üppig
  • Weiss-heiten Design
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