eBook Fence Vol. 2

Tryouts are well underway at King's Row for a spot on the prodigious fencing team, and scrappy fencer Nicholas isn't sure he's going to make the grade in the face of surly upperclassmen, nearly impossibly odds, and his seemingly unstoppable roommate, the surly, sullen Seiji Katayama. It'll take more than sheer determination to overcome a challenge this big! From the superstar team of C.S. Pacat (The Captive Prince) and fan-favorite artist Johanna the Mad comes the second volume of this acclaimed, dynamic series.

Artikelnummer: 978-1-64144-150-6
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Autor Pacat, C. S.
Verlag BOOM! Box
Einband PDF
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
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Reihe BOOM! Box
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