eBook The War That Never Ended

A Short History of the Korean War

The Korean War of 1950-1953 ended in a frustrating stalemate, the echoes of which reverberate to this day. It was the only conflict of the Cold War in which forces of major nations of the two opposing systems - capitalism and communism - confronted each other on the battlefield. And yet, in the sixty years since it was fought it has been strangely neglected, perhaps because no one was able to claim the victor's spoils.

A Short History of the Korean War details the origins, battles, politics and personalities of the war that never ended.

Praise for Gordon Kerr

'Informative, fascinating and extremely well-researched...Gordon Kerr's book is a mini masterpiece' - Rob Minshull, ABC Brisbane on A Short History of the Vietnam War

'Factual and even-handed, Kerr presents a fair-minded introduction of basic Chinese history' - Booklist on A Short History of China

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