eBook Wissenschaftsgeschichte und Geschichte des Wissens im Dialog - Connecting Science and Knowledge

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The volume presents a collection of revised and updated contributions to an international conference held in October 2011 on current issues in historical research on early modern knowledge and science and their connections. It looks at the various ways, in which the 'new science' was embedded in traditions, on the on the hand, and concentrates on the joint role of experts and lay persons in its making, on the other. It highlights in particular the various forms of early modern natural history, scientific treatises in a narrower sense of the term, tradiions going back to antiquity, travel accounts, chronicles, correspondences, naturalia, oral accounts and personal observations, which mirror the dialectic relationship between learned and popular knowledge. The relationship of knowledge and science is investigated in particular in connection with early modern balneology and attempts at systematizing knowledge about animals.
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