Edwards-Dashti, Nadia: FinTech Women Walk the Talk (eBook)

"An insightful read with thoughts from leaders across the FinTech industry! We need more of this as we strive to achieve inclusion in all workplaces."

-Rahma Javed, Director of Engineering at Deliveroo; Angel Investor; Board Advisor; Asian Women of Achievement 2020

"Nadia continues to 'walk the talk' ? This is an inspiring collection of evidence-based insights, delivering a solid foundation on which current and future generations can build and accelerate much needed societal change."

-Kate Bohn, Transformational Leader; FinTech Evangelist and Partnership Builder; Banking Tech Awards - Woman in Technology, Winner 2020

"Nadia has positively impacted the FinTech community with her passion for Diversity and Inclusion. This must-read book proposes a blueprint for change we can all follow, inspired by a wide range of experiences and insights from the industry."

-Dr Simon Schofield, IT COO Financial Services, TechUp Women Ambassador

The FinTech community is steeped in change and has the potential to pave the way for equal opportunities in the workplace, considering the positive actions that have taken place. There is so much more that can be done but what has been achieved so far needs to be replicated. This book
showcases the successes in the industry alongside that which could act as a barrier or escalator. Being the first of its kind, FinTech Women Walk the Talk draws upon the author's podcasts that feature the insights of more than 150 FinTech experts; more than 100 of which are women. It is a
call to action for diversity in the workplace, showcasing the successes and presenting how to overcome the challenges. By demystifying FinTech, and highlighting its potential to drive change, this book explores how to achieve gender parity in the workplace. The FinTech industry is used as a case study and hence of interest to practitioners in finance, technology, FinTech and beyond.

Nadia Edwards-Dashti co-founded the Harrington Starr Group in 2010, which has grown into the leading FinTech recruiter based in London with offices in New York. In 17 years in the FST sector, she has been responsible for helping over 2000 people find jobs and has grown from a trainee to a Managing Director and now Chief Customer Officer of a global technology recruitment business. She hosts the successful 'Women of FinTech' 'The DEI Discussions' Podcast Series where she has interviewed more than 150 women in leadership within the FinTech community to celebrate and showcase their successes.

Nadia created the diversity, equity and inclusion programme STEPFORWARD, helping companies produce tailored workflows and operational plans to drive towards gender equality and workplace inclusion.

Nadia is a regular speaker at industry conferences around the world, has been a panellist at some of the largest FinTech events in London and a guest judge for technology and innovation competitions for female technologists. She also speaks at universities on 'Demystifying FinTech' to attract the next generation to the industry. Ultimately Nadia believes in people and businesses becoming the best they can be and knows awareness, acknowledgement and action is needed to drive this forward. 

Her other accolades include: Winner of Investing in Talent 2019 Awards - Most Inspirational Recruitment Leader, Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlist and Brummel 2019 Top 30 Inspirational Women in the City.

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