Elborough, Travis: Atlas of the Unexpected

Haphazard discoveries, chance places and unimaginable destinations

Atlas of the Unexpected is a journey to far-off lands, obscure discoveries and unimaginable locations, with 45 beautiful, unique maps and evocative photography.   

Take an armchair voyage to places both infamous and unknown that have, often by chance or by haphazard means, been destinations of discovery that make up our world today. Learn about the accidental discovery or Vaseline. Set foot on the aptly named Just Enough Room Island. Chart the royal romance that led shipwrecked lovers to discover the purple rock of Madeira. Follow in the footsteps of a stray goat who led its keeper to uncover lost ancient biblical scrolls. These are the world’s most wondrous, improbable and – most of all – unexpected of places.

“Travis Elborough writes about a wide range of subjects with originality, learning and charm. Atlas of the seductively beautiful: an inspiring, dream-inducing guide to almost four dozen “haphazard discoveries, chance places and unimaginable destinations”..." David Kynaston, New Statesman – ‘best books of 2018’ 

Also in the Unexpected Atlas series: Atlas of Untamed Places, Atlas of Improbable Places, Atlas of Vanishing Places.

“British author Travis Elborough’s new Atlas of the Unexpected: Haphazard Discoveries, Chance Places and Unimaginable Destinations features dozens of locations with potential to excite the interest of even the most jaded traveller....the writer’s nose for detail and knack for storytelling make for first-class armchair travel.”  

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Autor Elborough, Travis
Verlag Quarto Publishing Group
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Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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Reihe Unexpected Atlases