EU-Korea Security Relations

This book provides an original examination of current European Union (EU)-Republic of Korea (ROK) security relations. It brings together analysis and original material on relations in the fields of Nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, Cybersecurity and data-protection, Space policy and technology, and Preventive diplomacy and crisis management. These represent areas of particular interest to examine the extent to which the EU and ROK are able successfully or otherwise to cooperate. Relations between the EU and the ROK have been growing in quantity and quality over recent years. Alongside the economic dimension, the political and security elements of the relationship have shown promise for further collaboration between the two sides, not least within the context of North Korea's nuclear threat and East Asia's wider evolving security environment. All contributors are leading experts in their respective fields and each chapter is co-authored by a European and Korean expert for a balanced assessment. The volume will be essential reading for students, scholars and policy makers interested in EU-Korea relations, EU foreign policy and security, Area studies, and more broadly to EU politics/studies, security studies and international relations.
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