Extreme Programming Explained

Nearly five years after the first edition of this book exploded on to the market,

noted software engineering guru and the father of Extreme Programming (XP)

Kent Beck provides a fresh look at this controversial topic. XP remains the

most popular agile methodology in software development, and many believe it

is ideal for small to mid-size development organizations. However, XP is not

without its detractors. The goal of the book remains to help programmers and

teams decide if XP is the right path to pursue. The book offers advice, but does

not provide a prescriptive, how to style format. This Fifth Anniversary

Edition enhances the full knowledge of XP and gives both the advocate and

skeptic of XP full detail to move forward with an informed opinion.

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Autor Beck, Kent
Verlag Pearson Academic
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Erscheinungsjahr 2004
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