Facka, Frederick D.: The Interrogation of Nikolai Berdyaev (eBook)

Who among us can know when good and evil will meet? What if they met, but with you in the middle? Are you prepared if your destiny is to take a stand? Will you pass the primordial test? Will you even have the discretion and discernment to recognize the test? How differently would you act if your own life or the lives of your loved ones were in the balance?

What reservoir do you have or would you draw from to prevail? Is your reservoir barren?

What tools or weapons would you skillfully wield? Could you even speak in your own defense? Could you rebut any fallacies hurled against you? Could you sow doubt between your accusers and divide them?

What ideals would you hold true? Could you withstand the scrutiny of what you know to be true? Could you be at peace with the consequences of your actions?

At a point in time, one hundred years ago, during one of the darkest periods of humanity known as the Red Terror in Moscow, Russia, as part of the Bolshevik Revolution, such a confluence of evil took place.

This book is an adaptation of a rare and overlooked point in history, at a flashpoint where real men and real circumstances came together, the outcome of which we know. What we don't know is how it happened, how it went down, or what was said.

The author takes you, the reader, on a roller coaster of emotions in this spiritual thriller, using the literary technique of historical fiction, based upon real events and documented history of the time.

The author leads the reader to examine themselves through the lens of Nikolai Berdyaev. Berdyaev puts on the armor of God in the face of evil. He heroically wields logic, reason, faith, and truth during his primordial test.

Will he prevail? Will he defend himself and ultimately humanity at the flashpoint? Will his example lead us today to drop our own preconceptions and prejudices against one another? Can his example show us the way to reconciliation and peace?

Put on your spiritual armor!

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