Furnishing | Zoning

Spaces, Materials, Fit-out

What is the process of forming rooms, which elements are used and how are room-shaping components defined? The fourth volume in the SCALE series, Furnishing | Zoning, deals with the relationships between building typology and building structure, and between spatial composition and interior design. The relationship between the briefing and the catalogue of requirements, and between shell construction and fit-out, is elucidated. Connections at walls, ceilings and floors are explained in detail and illustrated with case studies of selected projects. In addition, the authors demonstrate how a well-designed sequence of spaces can create added value by means, for example, of the choice of materials and the lighting scheme, or adaptability to accommodate new functions. Following the introductory chapter on the subject of space, the volume is divided into chapters on floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture and fixtures. Furnishing | Zoning examines the subject from different professional angles and thereby provides valuable support for practical interior design.

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