Hercules, Olia: Home Food

100 comforting recipes that unite us no matter where we are from and where we end up In her most personal book yet, Olia Hercules distills a lifetime of kitchen curiosity into her 100 most loved recipes. She draws on her broad influences from all the places she has called home: her childhood in Ukraine; her years in Cyprus and Italy; her simple, plant-centric family meals in London; and the special festive recipes she has gleaned along the way. The recipes are nostalgic like Potatoes of my Childhood, they are trade secrets like Pasta with Confit Garlic, they interweave every day like Joe's Beetroot, Cornichon, Feta and Potatoes, and they make everything okay like Life-giving Rhubarb Cake. These recipes have been hand written, handed down and shared among friends. Dotted with vignettes from fellow chefs and food writers that explore different meanings and associations of home, this charming and extremely personal book from Olia offers irresistible recipes, charming storytelling and boundless heart.It is impossible not to fall in love with Olia's cooking and writing - her warmth, good sense and good taste absolutely glows from the pages of her book.
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Autor Hercules, Olia
Verlag Bloomsbury
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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