Jakosz, Mariusz (Hrsg.): Dynamiken des Liminalen

>Grenze< kritisch hinterfragt. Darüber hinaus werden auch Aspekte der Grenze(n) im Kontext des immer aktueller werdenden Flüchtlingsdiskurses diskutiert.

Today, border can be seen as a complex, dynamic and multidimensional phenomenon that is subject to constant change. It also finds its application in the field of (inguistic) science as witnessed by the contributions collected in the present volume, in which the concept of border is addressed from many linguistic angles. Textual, discursive and terminological demarcations are also addressed, as well as communicative aspects of the phenomenon of border. Furthermore, aspects of border(s) are discussed in the context of the refugee discourse, which is becoming more and more topical today, as well as their subject-didactic perspectives in the context of proposals for didacticising literature.

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Autor Jakosz, Mariusz (Hrsg.) / Szczek, Joanna (Hrsg.)
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