Kriemler, Peter (Hrsg.): AKRIS - A Century in Fashion

Selbstverständlich is the German expression which, in the mind of Albert Kriemler, creative director at AKRIS, best encapsulates the aesthetic ideal that he wishes to accomplish with his fashion designs. For Kriemler, the embodiment of natural modernity is selbstverständlich, evident in the wearer and also the use and functionality of the clothes. Taking the collections as waymarks, the book encompasses the entire one hundred years of AKRIS history and its location in St.Gallen, Switzerland. The unsurpassed quality of the fabrics and craftsmanship employed in the creation of Albert Kriemler's art-inspired designs is dedicated to the woman of today and tomorrow. She comes alive in her clothes, and with her body language and presence imbues them with identity. Jessica Iredale describes the uniqueness and forward-looking nature of AKRIS. Iwan Baan, photographer, illuminates with his photo essays the hometown and the inside world of the brand. The meticulous book design confirms the AKRIS mindset: selbstverständlich, naturally.
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Autor Kriemler, Peter (Hrsg.)
Verlag Lars Müller Publishers
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