Lee, Su-Mi (Hrsg.): Negotiation Dynamics to Denuclearize North Korea (eBook)

Was there ever a window of opportunity for successful negotiations over North Korea's nuclear weapons program? Negotiation Dynamics to Denuclearize North Korea brings together country experts with negotiation specialists to apply negotiation theory to the North Korea denuclearization process. Country expert chapters provide a detailed assessment of the goals, motives, and strategies of the six parties-North Korea, South Korea, the United States, China, Japan, and Russia-along with contextual variables of each player such as political, economic, and social conditions while the negotiation scholars collate and scrutinize the results of these key variables. Based on thorough descriptive contexts provided by the country experts, the negotiation scholars identify the lack of two factors, party cohesion and ripeness, as detriments to successful North Korea nuclear negotiations.

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