O'Donnell, Caroline (Hrsg.): The Architecture of Waste

Design for a Circular Economy

Global material crises are imminent. In the very near future, recycling will no longer be a choice made by those concerned about the environment, but a necessity for all. This means a paradigm shift in domestic behavior, manufacturing, construction, and design is inevitable. The Architecture of Waste provides a hopeful outlook through examining current recycling practices, rethinking initial manufacturing techniques, and proposing design solutions for second lives of material-objects.

The book touches on a variety of inescapable issues beyond our global waste crisis including cultural psyches, politics, economics, manufacturing, marketing, and material science. A series of crucial perspectives from experts cover these topics and frames the research by providing a past, present, and future look at how we got here and where we go next: the historical, the material, and the design. Twelve design proposals look beyond the simple application of recycled and waste materials in architecture-an admirable endeavor but one that does not engage the urgent reality of a circular economy-by aiming to transform familiar, yet flawed, material-objects into closed-loop resources.

Complete with over 150 color images and written for both professionals and students, The Architecture of Waste is a necessary reference for rethinking the traditional role of the architect and challenging the discipline to address urgent material issues within the larger design process.

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Autor O'Donnell, Caroline (Hrsg.)
Verlag Taylor and Francis
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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