Ruxton, Graeme D. (Professor, Professor, University of St Andrews) : Experimental Design for the Life Sciences

The careful design of experiments lies at the core of good research. Experimental Design for the Life Sciences equips you with the skills you need to effectively design experiments, making this essential aspect of the research process readily understandable. It demonstrates how good experimental design relies on clear thinking and biological understanding, not mathematical or statistical complexity. With a refreshingly approachable and articulate style, the book walks you through the considerations that go into designing an experiment in clear, practical terms. Using examples drawn from across the life sciences - from ecology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and health sciences - the authors illustrate how these concepts are applied within the broad context of real biological research. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource centre to accompany Experimental Design for the Life Sciences features: For students: · Self-test questions and answers · Additional examples · Supplementary sections discuss complex concepts and statistical issues in more depth · Links to useful websites and free software For lecturers: · Suggested course structures, complete with practical exercises · Figures from the book, available to downloadA well-presented, clearly argued, concise and witty introduction to one of the most important topics in the life sciences.
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Autor Ruxton, Graeme D. (Professor, Professor, University of St Andrews) / Colegrave, Nick (Lecturer in Biology, Lecturer in Biology, The University of Edinburgh)
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