Savoy, Bénédicte (Hrsg.) : Translocations

Histories of Dislocated Cultural Assets
Who owns cultural assets? Who has narrative control? What could fair and just approaches to dislocations of cultural assets look like, independently of restitution? Discussions about historical appropriation practices for cultural assets in the context of their associated relocation are highly topical and widely reflected across different academic disciplines. Such questions increasingly concern those who work in the art market, museums, politics and the media, scholars from diverse disciplines, as well as artists and writers. This volume examines the translocations as such, which rarely come into focus. The contributions address the people involved, the related traumas, discourses, gestures, techniques, and representations.
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Autor Savoy, Bénédicte (Hrsg.) / Bodenstein, Felicity (Hrsg.) / Lagatz, Merten (Hrsg.)
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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