Schaad, Jacob: Swedes and Deeds (eBook)


Writing a book is much like creating a stage play. Usually in the world of the theatre the credit for the finished product goes to the visible actors and actresses who earn the applause at curtain call. Seldom do the directors, the stage managers, the set designers, the scenery builders, the costume makers, the sound effects and lighting people and others behind the scenes receive the public accolades their efforts deserve.

There is a parallel in the literary world. Certainly the title of the book and, the name of the author appear on the cover, but where have the others gone, the editors, the researchers, the grammarians, the proofreaders and those who have worked so diligently and enthusiastically to bring the work to the book stalls in the libraries and in some cases to the best seller lists?

In the paragraphs that follow an effort has been made to give credit where credit is due to those who have contributed to the historical text of this book. There may be others whose paths have not been tracked, but history is sometimes concealed beyond discovery and the future still awaits their revelations.

For the present, though, a standing ovation for the following.

HISTORIANS KIM-ERIC WILLIAMS, WALTER E. BORIGHT and GRADUATE GEORGE FENWICK whose perception and analysis of Upsala's history have given much understanding for its rise and unfortunate downfall. Williams knowledge of and connections with Sweden have been of tremendous help in telling the story of Upsala College. Likewise so have Boright's' nearly 47 years as an educator and many as a writer and historian among them. He has written of UpsaLa's early residence in Kenillworth, and nearly 100 books of historical value.

RESEARCH SPECIALIST AND ARCHIVIST LISA HUNTSHA at Augustana College and students ABBY BERRY and SHELBY JENSEN who have dug deeply into the Upsala files stored at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Rock Island, Illinois, and have come up with a plethora of information about early Upsala,

RESEARCH SPECIALISTS LISA BROWNBACK AND L.ISA ALDERFER of the Cape May County library staff in New Jersey who have uncovered fascinating stories long forgotten about Upsala College's role in higher education.

COMPUTER EXPERTS BARRY SHERWOOD, MARIA MALLETT AND CAROLYN MILLER who have solved the problems of the computer and the sometime puzzles of the Internet to make life much easier for composer and reader alike.

JOHN PETERSON, former curator at The Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia, who attended Upsala's last commencement exercises and presided at the transfer of its religious artifacts to the archives center.

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