Shields, Christopher: Aristotle

In this excellent introduction, Christopher Shields introduces and assesses the whole of Aristotle's philosophy, showing how his powerful conception of human nature shaped much of his thinking on the nature of the soul and the mind, ethics, politics and the arts."With this accessible, incisive overview, Shields will become for a new generation of undergraduate and graduate students what W. D. Ross or W. K. C. Guthrie were for previous generations of scholars - a lifeline of clarity in the sometimes murky seas of Aristotle's texts. ?a fluid, contemporary analysis of Aristotle that remains lively through candid acknowledgement of textual puzzles and a lucid ordering in exposition. ? Summing Up: Essential." - CHOICE Praise for the first edition: 'This delightful and fully engaging book, written in a sparkling style and abounding in entertaining examples, is designed for those who are new to Aristotle and want to approach him from a contemporary philosophical standpoint. ...The book fulfils these goals very well and thereby offers a prime alternative to standard introductions to Aristotle.' - Philosophical Review 'This volume would serve as an excellent survey for undergraduate or graduate students, presenting an accessible and clear overview of Aristotle's major philosophical projects ... it delivers clear discussions of many of Aristotle's key philosophical ideas, captures much of what is lively and exciting about Aristotle's thought, and serves as an excellent entry point to more serious study of Aristotle's philosophy.' - Ian Halim, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 'Christopher Shields' book introduces the philosophy of Aristotle in a comprehensive, informative and perspicuously argued way that engages with the philosopher's arguments and views with critical surety and acuity.' - Vasilis Politis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 'An impressive and first-rate overview of Aristotle's philosophy. I can't think of a better introduction.' - Richard Kraut, Northwestern University, USA
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Autor Shields, Christopher
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