Stelling, Anke: Higher Ground

You only have yourself to blame, you might say, but that's not true. Some decisions take you down one path, and others another ? It's all about power.

Resi is a writer in her mid-forties, married to Sven, a painter. They live, with their four children, in an apartment building in Berlin, where their lease is controlled by some of their closest friends. Those same friends live communally nearby, in a house they co-own and have built together. As the years have passed, Resi has watched her once-dear friends become more and more ensconced in the comforts and compromises of money, success, and the nuclear family.

After Resi's latest book openly criticises stereotypical family life and values, she receives a letter of eviction. Incensed by the true natures and hard realities she now sees so clearly, Resi sets out to describe the world as it really is for her fourteen-year-old daughter, Bea.

Written with dark humour and clarifying rage, Anke Stelling's novel is a ferocious and funny account of motherhood, parenthood, family, and friendship thrust into battle. Lively, rude, and wise, it throws down the gauntlet to those who fail to interrogate who they have become.

'Higher Ground is an absorbing novel that kept me interested from start to finish. Laced with dark humour, it's very contemporary, skewering complacency and hypocrisy among the moneyed classes in Berlin ? It's often laugh-out-loud funny, and it's often wise as well, even when she's sending herself up.'

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Autor Stelling, Anke / Jones, Lucy (Übers.)
Verlag Scribe Publications
Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
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