'Nothing escapes her sly humour and brilliant touch. Deft and brimming with life, Summerwater is a novel of endless depth. A masterpiece.' Jessie Burton, author of The Miniaturist
'Summerwater is a triumph and confirms Sarah Moss as one of the best writers at work in Britain today.' Fiona Mozley, author of Elmet
'Summerwater is a beautiful book, written with delicacy and grace, yet with an undertow as dark as the Scottish loch by which its characters are holidaying in ignorance of the tragedy to come. If you are a huge fan of Moss's work, as I am, you will find yourself parcelling it out, to read a chapter a day, like a gift.' Louise Doughty, author of Apple Tree Yard
'With delicate precision, Summerwater takes the moral and emotional temperature of a whole society. It is matchless, too, in its blending of steely insight with humour and compassion.' Pankraj Mishra, The Age of Anger

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Autor Moss, Sarah
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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