Iyer, Rukmini: The Green Roasting Tin

Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners

Rukmini Iyer is a food stylist and food writer, formerly a lawyer. She loves creating new recipes and making food look beautiful for shoots, and when she's not styling, cooking or entertaining, she can usually be found reading by the riverside, or filling her balcony with more plants than it can hold. Follow her on Instagram @missminifer.

Artikelnummer: 978-1-910931-89-9
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Autor Iyer, Rukmini
Verlag Random House UK
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Seitenangabe 240 S.
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Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H25.3 cm x B17.5 cm x D3.1 cm 801 g
Coverlag Square Peg (Imprint/Brand)