The New Dynamics of Democracy in South Korea

South Korea has been through important changes since its democratization in the late 1980s, most recently in 2016-17 when the candlelight protests led to the ousting of Park Geun-hye and the election of Moon Jae-in. Taking a thematic approach to understanding South Korean democracy, each chapter in this textbook is written by a leading Korean expert on a different element of South Korean politics and government. Covering themes such as inter-generational differences, the instability of the party system, the role of the president, and the impact of the 2016 demonstrations, this is a vital and lively introduction to Korean politics. This systematic and nuanced approach helps you to understand the past, present and possible futures of South Korea's democracy. It also helps in understanding South Korea's system for the purposes of comparing it with other political systems. The New Dynamics of Democracy in South Korea is an invaluable textbook for students of Korean politics, which will also be a useful resource for scholars of comparative democracy.
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