Transnational Geographies Of The Heart

Intimate Subjectivities In A Globalising City

Transnational Geographies of the Heart explores the spatialisation of intimacy in everyday life through an analysis of intimate subjectivities in transnational spaces. * Draws on ethnographic research with British migrants in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, during a phase of rapid globalisation and economic diversification in 2002-2004 * Highlights the negotiation of inter-personal relationships as enormously significant in relation to the dialectic of home and migration * Includes four empirical chapters focused on the production of 'expatriate' subjectivities, community and friendships, sex and romance, and families * Demonstrates that a critical analysis of the geographies of intimacy might productively contribute to our understanding of the ways in which intimate subjectivities are embodied, emplaced, and co-produced across binaries of public/private and local/global space

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Autor Walsh, Katie
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