What Would Nature Do?

A Guide for Our Uncertain Times

Not long ago, the future seemed predictable. Now, certainty about the course of civilization has given way to fear and doubt. Raging fires, ravaging storms, political upheavals, financial collapse, and deadly pandemics lie ahead--or are already here. The world feels less comprehensible and more dangerous, and no one, from individuals to businesses and governments, knows how to navigate the path forward. Ruth DeFries argues that a surprising set of time-tested strategies from the natural world can help humanity weather these crises. Through trial and error over the eons, life has evolved astonishing and counterintuitive tricks in order to survive. DeFries details how a handful of fundamental strategies--investments in diversity, redundancy over efficiency, self-correcting feedbacks, and decisions based on bottom-up knowledge--enable life to persist through unpredictable, sudden shocks. .

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Autor DeFries, Ruth
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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