Wizards RPG Team: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set
Explore subterranean labyrinths! Plunder hoards of treasure! Battle legendary monsters!
The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is your gateway to action-packed stories of the imagination. This box contains the essential rules of the game plus everything you need to play heroic characters on perilous adventures in worlds of fantasy.
Ideal for a group of 4 – 6, the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set includes a 64-page adventure book with everything the Dungeon Master needs to get started, a 32-page rulebook for playing characters level 1 – 5, 5 pregenerated characters, each with a character sheet and supporting reference material, and 6 dice.
Artikelnummer: 978-0-7869-6559-5
Fr. 30.90
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Autor Wizards RPG Team
Verlag US Books
Einband Spiel (Non)
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Seitenangabe 96 S.
Meldetext Lieferbar in ca. 20-45 Arbeitstagen
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H29.7 cm x B23.6 cm x D5.5 cm 605 g
Coverlag Wizards of the Coast (Imprint/Brand)
Reihe D&D Boxed Game