Fineman, Martha Albertson (Hrsg.): Feminist and Queer Legal Theory

Intimate Encounters, Uncomfortable Conversations
A collection that engages in a rigorous and sometimes contentious exploration of the legal, political, social and cultural implications of the authors' distinct theoretical approaches to gender and sexuality.'This exploration of tensions among feminist and queer theorists is possibly the most useful theory anthology of the decade. Tensions are put in play by placing superlative essays in each other's path and letting the provocations rip. Sure to produce a watershed moment for the trajectories of both theory genres, the anthology is so smartly organized and interspersed with incisive editorial material that it will teach itself.' Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley, USA '... an eclectic and interesting collection of essays rethinking legal categories and policies through feminist and gay perspectives. In this volume, one will encounter the sexual family, the sanitized workplace, compulsory matrimony, transgressive caretaking, and other iconoclastic concepts.' William Eskridge, Yale University, USA
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Autor Fineman, Martha Albertson (Hrsg.)
Verlag Taylor & Francis
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Erscheinungsjahr 2009
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