Guldin, Rainer: Translation as Metaphor (eBook)

In today's ever-changing climate of disintegration and recombination, translation has become one of the essential metaphors, if not the metaphor, of our globalized world. Translation and Metaphor is an attempt to draw a comprehensive map of these new overlapping theoretical territories and the many cross-disciplinary movements they imply. In five chapters, this book examines: The main metaphor theories developed in the West. The way the notion of metaphor relates to the concept of translation. Different theoretical perspectives on metaphors of translation in translation studies. The main metaphors developed to describe translation in the West and in the East. Spatial metaphors within translation studies, cultural studies and postcolonial theory. The use of the metaphor of translation across psychoanalysis, anthropology and ethnography, postcolonial theory, history and literature, sociology, media and communication theory, and medicine and genetics.Comprehensive analysis of key metaphor theories, revealing examples from a wide range of sources and a look towards future directions make this is a must-have book for students, researchers and translators working in the areas of translation and translation theory.
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Autor Guldin, Rainer
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