Jaffe, Taliesin: Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins--Caduceus Clay

Death is never truly the end.

Follow the origin story of the Mighty Nein’s Caduceus Clay in this beautiful hardcover graphic novel written by Kendra Wells (Tell No Tales), illustrated by Gus Allen (Lumberjanes), with colors by Eren Angiolini and letters by Ariana Maher. Created in consultation with the cast of Critical Role!

Generations of the Clay family have tended to the careful rituals in the Blooming Grove. But when corruption begins to creep in on their sacred space, the Clays depart one by one to seek answers. Soon young Caduceus and Clarabelle are the only ones left, and when a dangerous burial quest falls to Caduceus, he must leave the Grove to do the family’s work.
Artikelnummer: 978-1-5067-2373-0
CHF 22.90
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Autor Jaffe, Taliesin
Verlag Random House N.Y.
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Seitenangabe 56 S.
Meldetext Noch nicht erschienen, Juni 2024
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Coverlag Dark Horse Books (Imprint/Brand)
Reihe Critical Role
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