Krogerus, Mikael: The Change Book

Fifty models to explain how things happen
How do you make your way in a fast-changing world? Why do we have less and less time? Why are some people unfaithful? Who governs the world? This book is about change - from the small and seemingly insignificant transitions in our day-to-day lives, to the big and almost incomprehensible shifts in human history. Because if we want to make change happen ourselves, we have to understand it first. Distilling expert wisdom and complex theories, the authors of the bestselling The Decision Book present fifty simple and effective models to help us make sense of our changing world. Everything is in a constant state of change, from the personal and political to economics and the environment. Whether you're buying a new car, deciding who to vote for, or making an investment, this little book offers surprisingly simple explanations of the biggest theories of transformation that will help you see the world anew - and radically challenge some of your preconceived ideas.
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Autor Krogerus, Mikael
Verlag Profile Books
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Erscheinungsjahr 2023
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