Owen, Katharine (Hrsg.): Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Practical, concise, and fully updated with three new chapters on aspects of endocrinology and diabetes, this new edition is the must-have guide for all trainees and specialist nurses in both disciplinesReview from previous edition Pleasingly the coverage in both endocrinology and diabetes is pretty comprehensive and is useful to be both junior and senior hospital staff as well as GPs. Even so, despite the excellent and good depth coverage, the book remains a portable and accessible volume. I used it in primary care both as a reference source, particularly trying to sort out a patient problem and reading for interest. Its readability and ability to get straight to the point were for me the highlights...There are also topics covered that you may not expect, for example near the end there is an excellent chapter on obesity which impacts on a great deal of everyday practice, all in all this is an excellent, well priced book which can be most useful in everyday clinical practice.
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Autor Owen, Katharine (Hrsg.)
Verlag Oxford Academic
Einband Loseblatt
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
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