Moore, Rowan: Slow Burn City

London in the Twenty-First Century

'There is a great argument in this book - and an important one' Sunday Times

London is a supreme achievement of civilization. It offers fulfilments of body and soul, encourages discovery and invention. It is a place of freedom, multiplicity and co-existence. It is a Liberal city, which means it stands for values now in peril.

London has also become its own worst enemy, testing to destruction the idea that the free market alone can build a city. A fantastical wealth machine that denies too many of its citizens a decent home or living.

In this thought-provoking, fearless, funny and subversive book, Rowan Moore shows how London's strength depends on the creative and mutual interplay of three forces: people, business and state. To find responses to the challenges of the twenty-first century, London must rediscover its genius for popular action and bold public intervention.

The global city above all others, London is the best place to understand the way the world's cities are changing. It could also be, in the shape of a living, churning city of more than eight million people, the most powerful counter-argument to the extremist politics of the present.

'Full of intriguing facts, always beautifully written . . . Rowan Moore should be Mayor' Alain de Botton

'I'd heartily recommend Rowan Moore's brilliant Slow Burn City' Rohan Silva, Guardian Books of the Year

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Autor Moore, Rowan
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