The Woman in the Dunes

Kobo Abe was born in Tokyo in 1924, grew up in Manchuria, and returned to Japan in his early twenties. Before his death in 1993, Abe was considered his country's foremost living novelist. His novels have earned many literary awards and prizes, and have all been bestsellers in Japan. They include THE WOMAN IN THE DUNES, THE ARK SAKURA, THE FACE OF ANOTHER, THE BOX MAN, and THE RUINED MAP.

Artikelnummer: 978-0-14-118852-2
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Autor Abe, Kobo
Verlag Penguin Books
Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Erscheinungsjahr 2006
Seitenangabe 256 S.
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H20.0 cm x B13.2 cm x D1.9 cm 190 g
Artikelart Lager
Reihe Penguin Modern Classics; Penguin Classics
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