Wilfried, Huchzermeyer: Sri Aurobindo and European Philosophy (eBook)

Heraclitus - Plato - Plotinus - Schelling - Hegel - Nietzsche - Bergson - Teilhard de Chardin - Gebser - Whitehead

Sri Aurobindo's spiritual philosophy has roots and parallels in the Indian as well as the European cultural history. In his main work The Life Divine he refers especially to the ancient Vedic texts as sources with related approaches or experiences. But in his other titles there are also some references to European philosophers who had a similar vision in one or the other aspect. In the present title, his own utterances and evaluations are considered along with the results of comparative studies of various authors. In the end it becomes evident that there existed many kindred thoughts in Europe and that Sri Aurobindo's intuitive philosophy can be viewed as a further development, or fulfilment, of some of these thoughts, which appear in a new light through the comparison.

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Autor Wilfried, Huchzermeyer
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